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Ear Plugs for Sleeping Noise Cancelling – Super Soft Silicone Reusable Earplugs Hearing Protection Noise Reduction Ear Plugs for Sleep, Snoring, Travel, Studying, Noise Sensitivity & Flights – 32dB Price: $6.99 (as of 07/02/2024 00:54 PST- Details)

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Are you affected by noise when you sleep?

Do you feel pain in your ears while flying on an airplane?

Do you often go to concerts or participate in various carnival events?

Are you always interrupted by various noises while studying and working?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, our noise-reducing earplugs would definitely help you, which are suitable for any noisy environment.

27-32dB Noise Reduction Rating noise reduction can protect hearing in loud events or set up a quiet environment, and can effectively reducenoise and protect your ears.


● Comfortable to Wear

Made with softer and more flexible silicone material, these noise cancelling ear plugs can be worn all day/night long without any uncomfortable feeling.

● Hearing Protection

Noise cancelling ear plugs designed for sleeping, working, studying, concerts, traveling, hunting, musicians and other noisy environments, can protect your ears in noisy areas without hurting sound quality.

● Economical & Convenient

The high-quality silicone ensures that the noise cancelling ear plugs can be cleaned safely when soiled.

One purchase can be reused for many years, very good value for money. The simple and compact design ensures that you can take it with you anytime, anywhere.

Package Includes:

1 X Packaging box

4 pairs X Noise cancelling ear plugs.

1 X Product manual

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