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10 Best Coworking Spaces in Hanoi

Jun 23 2024

Here is a list of the 10 best coworking spaces in Hanoi. Vietnam’s capital city is a hub for remote working and has plenty of excellent facilities and amenities for digital nomads to take advantage of and enjoy.

I traveled extensively around Vietnam and loved my time in Hanoi. It’s one of the top cities in the world for international tourists and has an electric pulse and a cultural allure unlike anywhere else I have visited.

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Best Coworking Spaces in Hanoi

City view of Hanoi featuring river and skyscrapersCity view of Hanoi featuring river and skyscrapers

After spending a month living in the city I got to know some of the best working spaces in Hanoi. As a digital nomad, I’m always on the lookout for new and convenient places to base myself for a day’s work. I find working in new environments motivating and inspiring; thankfully there’s no shortage of great options available in Hanoi.

Whether you’re looking for free coworking spaces in Hanoi or a dedicated private office to base yourself in for a month or more, I’ve got you covered in this list.


image of a shared office space with multiple desks, office chairs. Laptops and paperwork on desks image of a shared office space with multiple desks, office chairs. Laptops and paperwork on desks

One of the best coworking spaces in Hanoi is COGO Coworking. I opted to work here numerous times during my stay and always enjoyed myself and found it easy to be productive. Digital nomads can pay an affordable day rate with no long-term subscription required.

It’s one of the few Hanoi coworking spaces that’s open 24/7, which is ideal if you’ve just arrived and are suffering from jet lag like I was the first time! There’s even a convenient nap room and free coffee to help get you through any energy lulls.

The space is open-plan with modern furniture and comfortable lighting. It has the feel of a professional office environment and comes with all the fixtures of a modern workspace.

Address: 1 P. Thai Ha, Trung Liet, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam

Membership Options and Costs

A day pass costs just $4 and secures you a desk for the day with full access to the facility. Monthly packages start at $80/month for hot-desking and go up to $133/month for a private office space.

Amenities at COGO

  • 24/7 Access: Even daily hot desk packages allow a true day’s access to the facility.
  • Free Beverages: Tea, coffee, and purified water are available to COGO users.
  • High-Speed WiFi: Strong and reliable WiFi – suitable for downloading documents, hosting international online meetings, and everything in between.

Pros of COGO

  • Unlimited Timeframe: A great bonus for remote workers who operate on different global time zones.
  • Cost-Effective: Very competitive rates and free drinks make it an affordable daily or monthly option.
  • Added Features: Social events, a friendly bar, and even a nap room are additional perks, uncommon to most Hanoi coworking spaces.

Cons of COGO

  • Extra Costs: Printing and meeting rooms are available at an added cost.
  • Size: COGO isn’t the biggest coworking space in Hanoi and can fill up and feel busy quickly.
  • Limited Food Options: No cafe onsite means heading out for food or bringing your own.

2. Space

networking event, group of people gathered around a table with hands in centre, brainstormingnetworking event, group of people gathered around a table with hands in centre, brainstorming

If you’re going to be coworking in Hanoi for at least a month, eSpace Coworking is a great option.

It’s a modern and excellent facility with great deals on month-long hot desking. The bright and comfortable space has many seating and desk options from big and open desks to cozy and comfortable nooks.

Additionally, you’ll get the benefit of the regular networking events and on-site seminars held at eSpace. There’s also access to a pantry with free tea and coffee and the occasional selection of cakes and sweet treats.

Address: 1 P. Dinh Le, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam

Membership Options and Costs

24/7 access is available from $80/month, or you can pay an extra $30 and get a dedicated desk. A private office starts at $440/month and would better suit anyone planning to work or run a business from Hanoi on a long-term basis.

Amenities at eSpace

  • Premium Business Address: Get an official and professional business address in Hanoi.
  • 24/7 Access: Perfect for crisscrossing time zones, early birds, and those who like to burn the midnight oil.
  • Included Benefits: Access to meeting rooms, printing facilities, and tech support are available to all users.

Pros of eSpace

  • No Time Limits: Work to your schedule with 24/7 access.
  • Freebies: Free tea and coffee, access to a pantry, and printing credits all help save on expenditure.
  • Great Location: eSpace Coworking is ideally located for all of Hanoi’s attractions and has great restaurants and cafes close by.

Cons of eSpace

  • Opening Times: Despite selling 24/7 access eSpace is officially open 8 am – 8 pm Monday through Saturday. Clarification on this is unclear but may mean restrictive access for those without dedicated offices and hot desks.
  • Shakey WiFi: It was never my experience, but there are some reports of slow and inconsistent WiFi at times.
  • Noise: As a popular coworking location, it can become fairly noisy during busy spells.

3. HanoiHub

person typing on laptop on clear desk with phone and pen to the side person typing on laptop on clear desk with phone and pen to the side

A simple and no-fuss coworking space in Hanoi is HanoiHub. This well-designed and centrally located hub has all you need for a day’s work and offers custom packages depending on your circumstances.

I only needed a desk for a few hours during my visit here and it cost less than a cup of coffee. It was very quiet during the afternoon and I was able to connect and get cracking within a minute of arriving.

HanoiHub has a more personal feel to it than some of the other coworking spaces in Hanoi I’ve tried out. The simplicity and ease of access make it a great option for digital nomads seeking a temporary base.

Address: 112 Lane 260 P. Đội Cấn, Liễu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam

Membership Options and Costs

Bespoke plans are available to suit your individual remote working needs. I paid $2.50 for a day pass but could have paid as little as $1 for 2 hours access to a desk. Contact HanoiHub directly to discuss prices.

Amenities at HanoiHub

  • Office Environment: Comfortable seating, spacious desks, and bright lighting make for a conducive working space.
  • Meeting Rooms: A sizeable meeting room capable of hosting up to 12 people comfortably is available onsite.
  • Excellent WiFi: HanoiHub offers super quick and easy-to-connect WiFi.

Pros of HanoiHub

  • Bespoke Deals: Contact HanoiHub directly to discuss individual prices specific to your working requirements.
  • Affordable: Prices from $1 make HanoiHub one of the most affordable coworking spaces in Hanoi.
  • Freebies and Discounts: Free tea, coffee, and parking, plus discounts on bottled water and food items are also available to HanoiHub users.

Cons of HanoiHub

  • Size: It’s not a huge space and can feel crowded during busy spells.
  • Limited Facilities: Although a great option for hot-desking, remote workers looking for additional amenities will likely find HanoiHub quite limiting.
  • No Dedicated Desks: Seating is only available on a first-come first-serve basis.

4. Tranquil Books & Coffee

laptop library remote working, laptop on desk with pile of books stacked up behind screenlaptop library remote working, laptop on desk with pile of books stacked up behind screen

The best places to cowork in Hanoi are found in some of the city’s awesome laptop-friendly cafes. If good coffee, a nice atmosphere, and reliable free WiFi are all you require for a solid day’s work, then a visit to Tranquil Books & Coffee should be high on your list.

Anywhere that combines coffee with the chance to get my hands on some new books is a winner for me! I discovered Tranquil Books & Coffee during my first day in Hanoi and made several return trips with my laptop.

It’s a popular cafe and the slight feel of a university library has a calming effect on the clientele. It’s a nice location to spend a few hours working away with great coffee options.

Address: 5 P. Nguyễn Quang Bích, Cửa Đông, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Membership Options and Costs

As this is a cafe, there aren’t any membership options. The amenities are free to all patrons, a decent cup of coffee costs around $1.60, and food options are $2-$3.

Amenities at Tranquil Books & Coffee

  • WiFi: Free WiFi is available to all customers.
  • Comfortable Seating: Ample seating is available to work from and there are plenty of power supplies if you’re rocking an ancient laptop (like I am).
  • Food and Drink: A menu of national and international food and beverages is available to order as required.

Pros of Tranquil Books & Coffee

  • It’s Free: Other than being a good customer and buying a coffee or two, use of the workspace and WiFi are free.
  • Comfortable Setting: The relaxed atmosphere and soft vibrance allow for a comfortable working environment.
  • Caffeine Boosts: Direct access to the baristas means excellent coffee is available on tap. There’s the added benefit of variety in coffee choices here too.

Cons of Tranquil Books & Coffee

  • Lacks Office Amenities: As it’s a cafe, it lacks the additional features that come with a traditional coworking space.
  • No Guaranteed Spots: It’s open season regarding seating, so that ideal spot with the plug by the window may not be free when you need it.
  • Noise: This is a public space with a lot of foot traffic. People are not required to be quiet or respect the fact that others may be trying to work.

5. UPGen Kim Ma

office space with comfortable couch style seating and a TV screen mounted on the wall. Two individual desks in background of imageoffice space with comfortable couch style seating and a TV screen mounted on the wall. Two individual desks in background of image

With 16 locations across Vietnam, 7 of which are in Hanoi alone, UPGen is perhaps the most popular coworking space in Hanoi. I visited the branch at Kim Ma and it was an outstanding facility.

It’s nestled within the bustling economic and political hub of Hanoi and is surrounded by a number of premier office complexes. Being such an important place of business means it is easily linked to all of Hanoi’s key urban hubs via accessible transportation networks.

Featuring an elegant, upscale aesthetic with excellent meeting spaces, and suave private offices, UPGen offers a high-grade workspace solution that can be tailored to remote workers and businesses seeking a polished finish to their working environment.

Address: VIT Building, 519 P. Kim Ma, Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam

Membership Options and Costs

UPGen locations require a commitment of at least a month and prices can vary slightly from location to location. Prices are also quoted depending on individual business requirements. UPGen Kim Ma has packages for hot desking starting at $120/month.

Amenities at UPGen Kim Ma

  • 24/7 Access: Work on your own schedule in a safe and secure facility.
  • Fully Equipped: Everything you could need from printers to stationery is readily available onsite.
  • Mail Handling: A full package and mail handling service is provided to all monthly users.

Pros of UPGen Kim Ma

  • Professional Setting: UPGen tailors itself toward businesses with customer-facing interactions and has a very professional edge.
  • Meeting Rooms: Multifunctional event spaces and meeting rooms for up to 10 people are at the disposal of UPGen users.
  • Pantry: Access to a well-stocked pantry and kitchen space, plus free tea, coffee, and purified water are all included.

Cons of UPGen Kim Ma

  • No Printing: There’s an extra charge for any printing requirements.
  • Parking Isn’t Included: There’s ample space to park but this is not included as standard.
  • No Day Passes: Some of the UPGen locations apparently offer day-to-day passes but none that I’ve come across.

6. House

playing an acoustic guitarplaying an acoustic guitar

From one of the more corporate offerings on this list to one of the most unique coworking spaces in Hanoi. iHouse is a much more relaxed, back-to-nature, and free-spirited coworking space. It’s an ideal option for those who feel more energized away from a true office environment.

While it still maintains all the facilities required to complete a solid shift, iHouse is a one-of-a-kind coworking space. Don’t be surprised to see someone head off for a snooze in the hammocks (or even at their desk…). Perhaps there will be someone picking softly on a guitar – you can expect the unexpected here!

Don’t get me wrong, iHouse is still a place of work. Many ex-pats and digital nomads come here to enjoy a more serene coworking experience.

Address: 131 P. Yen Hoa, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam

Membership Options and Costs

I paid $4 for the day but there aren’t any officially advertised day rates. The monthly membership costs under $60 which is about as cheap as you’ll find for monthly usage in Hanoi.

Amenities at iHouse

  • Great WiFi: The ambiance may be slow and relaxed but the WiFi certainly isn’t.
  • Choice of Seating: From comfy hammocks to modern office furniture, choose your ideal spot and get working.
  • Cafe: An affordable and well-run cafe is available onsite.

Pros of iHouse

  • Fun Extras: Hammocks, an acoustic guitar, a dart board, and a punch bag are all quirky extras at iHouse.
  • Al Fresco Working: The option to work outside is ideal for those who don’t like being stuck in an office environment.
  • Affordable: Secure your entire month here for under $60, a great deal for a coworking space in Hanoi.

Cons of iHouse

  • Lacks Professional Edge: Intentionally designed to be less corporate, this option isn’t ideal for customer-facing businesses.
  • No Freebies: No beverages or access to a pantry are included, but there is an affordable cafe on-site.
  • Not Central: iHouse is located around an hour by public transport and 30 – 40 minutes by car/taxi from the Old Quarter of Hanoi.

7. Toong

laptop and coffee on desk, latte art in cuplaptop and coffee on desk, latte art in cup

I heard a lot about Toong but sadly never got to visit myself. It’s pretty well-known and is a somewhat famous coworking space in Hanoi – in fact, there are 6 stylish and sophisticated coworking Toong locations across the city.

Packed with all the amenities any remote worker, start-up, or international business person could need, Toong is an excellent option for those sticking around Hanoi for a while. All the branches have a high-end appeal and classy finish.

Daily hot-desking is possible but you must get in touch ahead of time to secure a spot. This is why I never got to spend a day working from a Toong location.

Address: Toong has 6 locations across Hanoi – Click here for more details

Membership Options and Costs

Toong requires you to get in touch with them directly to discuss your requirements and the subsequent prices. The advertised rates for most locations start at less than $80/month for hot-desking. Meeting rooms cost extra but can be booked for as little as $16.

Amenities at Toong

  • Complete Office: An all-encompassing one-stop shop for all your remote work and business needs.
  • Free Locker: Secure your belongings and keep things onsite overnight.
  • Library: Get your hands on some Western literature with a free library at most Toong locations.

Pros of Toong

  • Professional Set-Up: As coworking spaces go, Toong has a reputation for being one of the most professional in Hanoi.
  • Free Coffee: Never pay for coffee again, Toong offers all users free tea and coffee all day every day.
  • Convenient: 24/7 access means hectic schedules are easier to manage. The free locker is a bonus for those with valuable tech and accessories they don’t want to carry to and from the office every day.

Cons of Toong

  • No Free Parking: The majority of the Toong locations do not offer free parking.
  • Premium Add-ons: Meeting rooms, event spaces, and printing facilities aren’t included as standard.
  • No Obvious Day Rate: Toong requires you to get in touch ahead of time to organize and discuss a day rate. I’ve heard of people just turning up and paying for the day but this was not my experience.

8. MindX

meeting room office space, multiple attendees sat with laptops and coffee. Mobile phones and small indoor plants on a shared deskmeeting room office space, multiple attendees sat with laptops and coffee. Mobile phones and small indoor plants on a shared desk

Known best as a center and school of technology, MindX also offers a very convenient and affordable coworking space in Hanoi. The open-plan working area is complimented by a sizeable meeting room and an event space that can be hired separately.

The relaxed vibe and bright modern decor give the coworking area the feel of a modern student study hall. A small but efficient cafe keeps the coffee and snacks flowing while a comfy sofa and an outside garden space offer a nice release from work pressures.

The staff are friendly and always helpful at MindX, and especially knowledgeable if you have any technical problems. I enjoyed spending a day here, it was a comfortable place to work and had everything I needed.

Address: 22C P. Thanh Cong, Thanh Cong, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam

Membership Options and Costs

There’s a range of options depending on your business needs. Day passes are $5 but Individuals can pay as little as $35/month for hot-desking or have a dedicated desk for under $60/month. Flexible office space for up to 6 people is available from $130/month.

Amenities at MindX

  • Complete Office Facilities: There’s printing, scanning, and copying onsite, plus excellent WiFi and comfortable office furniture.
  • Personal Locker: All monthly users have access to a secure locker for leaving belongings and work accessories.
  • Meeting Room: A choice of spaces are on offer that are perfect for meetings, group sessions, or if you just need to spread out.

Pros of MindX

  • All-Inclusive: A quota of printing credits and meeting room hours are included with all monthly memberships.
  • Freebies: Tea, coffee, and access to a pantry come as standard for all MindX users.
  • Convenient and Cheap: MindX is one of the easiest coworking spaces to use and the most affordable in Hanoi.

Cons of MindX

  • Not 24/7: Access is limited to 8.30 am – 8.30 pm Monday – Saturday.
  • Size: The coworking space is not the biggest and will feel crowded during busy times.
  • Location: MindX is in an old building surrounded by busy roads and is a good hop from the main attractions of Hanoi.

9. TimeSpace

open-planned office space example, multiple desks and seating areas with potted indoor plants open-planned office space example, multiple desks and seating areas with potted indoor plants

Nestled in Hanoi’s bustling business hub, Time Space offers a premium coworking environment that can be tailored to diverse needs. With over 200 seats and a variety of comfortable working spaces, it caters to startups and freelancers seeking versatility and comfort.

A popular spot, Time Space is considered by many as the best coworking spot in Hanoi but also happens to be one of the most affordable around. Beyond its flexible daily hot-desking options, fixed spaces are available for anyone seeking customization and a longer-term work environment.

Equipped with an abundance of facilities, including meeting rooms, chill-out areas, and recreational zones, Time Space has everything a remote worker could need for a day’s work and is an excellent coworking option in Hanoi.

Address: 62 Nguyen Huy Tuong, Thanh Xuan Trung, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, Vietnam

Membership Options and Costs

Daily passes are available for just $3, while monthly access for hot-desk users is very affordable at $60. A range of permanent office options are available but prices must be discussed directly with Time Space.

Amenities at Time Space

  • WiFi: High-speed internet access facilitates seamless connectivity for members.
  • Meeting Rooms: Well-equipped meeting rooms provide a professional and private setting for video calls, group discussions, and presentations.
  • Chill-Out Areas: Comfortable rest areas offer members a space to relax, recharge, and interact with fellow coworkers during breaks.

Pros of Time Space

  • Versatility: Flexible workspace options cater to diverse needs, allowing even day users to choose the setup that best suits their working style.
  • Community: The vibrant community fosters networking opportunities, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among members.
  • Affordable: Competitive pricing makes Time Space an attractive choice for freelancers seeking an economical work environment.

Cons of Time Space

  • Noise: As a popular coworking space, potential noise levels in shared areas could impact concentration for members seeking a serene working environment.
  • Crowded: Furthermore, occasional overcrowding during peak hours can result in limited access to amenities and decreased workspace flexibility.
  • Parking: Limited parking options can be an inconvenience for any commuters, especially during peak hours.

10. Highlands Coffee – Ocean Park

A great and free coworking space in Hanoi, overlooking the beautiful white sands and blue water of Ocean Park.

I always like to throw in a wildcard and Highlands Coffee at Ocean Park certainly meets that description. I stayed outside of central Hanoi for most of my time in the city at a modern development built around a man-made lake and a beautiful white sandy beach known as Ocean Park.

It felt a world away from the busy and often chaotic city streets of Hanoi. The tranquil neighborhood is full of amazing cafes, restaurants, a huge mega mall, and even a couple of Westernized beer and live music bars. It has a beach vibe you won’t find anywhere else in Hanoi.

Highlands Coffee, situated overlooking the peaceful turquoise lagoon is one of my favorite coworking spaces near Hanoi.

Membership Options and Costs

Highlands Coffee is the largest chain of coffee shops in Vietnam. They’re popular locations for the tasty but affordable coffee and snacks, free WiFi, and comfortable setting. There’s no membership for digital nomads to sit down and work, simply the price of a cup of coffee, usually around $1.50.

Amenities at Highlands Coffee – Ocean Park

  • Good WiFi: Free WiFi is available to all Highlands customers.
  • Ample Seating: The location at Ocean Park is set over several floors and has ample outdoor seating too. Power sockets are also readily available.
  • Drinks on Tap: It’s a cafe so remote workers can fill their boots with an excellent range of coffee, tea, juice, and smoothie options.

Pros of Highlands Coffee – Ocean Park

  • Amazing Views: Unique lake and beach views that can’t be matched anywhere else in Hanoi.
  • Peaceful Setting: The beach-like setting makes for a peaceful and calming environment to work from.
  • Low Cost: Sit all day for the price of a cup of coffee or two. Free WiFi is always available and the cafe is welcoming of anyone making the coffee house home for the day.

Cons of Highlands Coffee – Ocean Park

  • Not an Office: It’s a popular cafe and so it lacks the traditional office environment and facilities of a true coworking space.
  • No Reservations: Seats are on a first-come first-serve basis. It’s not possible to reserve tables unless you’re visiting with a sizeable group.
  • Pubic WiFi: Every hour, or if you leave a device alone for too long, the public WiFi will disconnect and you’ll have to log in again, which can be a little tedious.

Best Coworking Spaces in Hanoi: FAQs

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about the best coworking spaces in Hanoi.

What is coworking?

Coworking is a shared workspace where freelancers, digital nomads, and individuals from different companies work alongside each other. It fosters collaboration, community, and flexibility.

Are there free coworking spaces in Hanoi?

Most of Hanoi’s coworking spaces charge a daily fee, but it’s often very reasonable and as low as a few dollars a day. However, there are free coworking spaces in Hanoi, such as cafes with WiFi and conducive environments for working. These spaces offer flexibility without the need for memberships or daily fees.

What’s the best coworking space in Hanoi?

Choosing the best coworking space in Hanoi is subjective to individual needs but I like eSpace. The 24/7 access, comfortable working environment, and super quick WiFi make it the best coworking space in Hanoi for me.

How much does a coworking space cost in Hanoi?

Coworking space prices in Hanoi vary depending on factors like location, amenities, and membership plans. Prices typically range from as little as $35 to $300+ per month depending on your individual requirements. Daily hot-desking can be found for under $3 a day.

What’s the cheapest coworking space in Hanoi?

The cheapest coworking option in Hanoi that I have come across is HanoiHub. A day pass can cost as little as $2.50 while paying by the hour costs around $1.

What’s the most popular coworking space in Hanoi?

Toong arguably offers the most popular coworking spaces in Hanoi. They are known for always having a stylish design and vibrant community. Many freelancers and small businesses use Toong locations in Hanoi as a flexible or semi-permanent working solution.

In Closing

Hanoi is a wonderful city and a terrific place to consider as a digital nomad or freelance worker. The amazing facilities, vibrant remote worker community, and social scene make it an excellent destination to base yourself for a spell.

The affordability factor and abundance of great coworking spaces in Hanoi also mean you can enjoy daily flexibility in your work life and enjoy discovering different parts of the city when the working day is done. I loved my time in Hanoi and can’t wait to go back.

I’ve explored and worked remotely all across Vietnam, so if you’re planning to move around be sure to read my other articles such as The 10 Best Places in Vietnam for Digital Nomads.

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